What are the main benefits of CRM software for your company?

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CRM software is a commonly used strategy for managing business task management, clients, and clients by using various processes to streamline, organize, and automate business task management.

Recently, cloud-based or web-based CRMs have become very popular, allowing company representatives to access their CRM from anywhere in the world, thus enabling an even greater increase in sales and leads.

Sales activities are the most common use but also technical support, marketing and customer service allowing the user to reduce costs and win, retain and nurture customers already managed. With a fully managed solution, you can relax knowing that your business data is always available from anywhere, anytime!

Data is permanently backed up to ensure that in the event of a system failure, recovery can be performed quickly and efficiently from any point going back days, weeks or even months.

Web forms are a central part of web-based CRM software. After all, the end goal when a user visits your website is to collect their contact information. Today, email is king. When you have an email address, you own that contact.

Day after day, I see web marketers requesting way too much information on their web forms. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to have long web forms. However, if you’re looking for more raw subscribers quickly, you want your web-based CRM software’s web forms to be easy and simple to fill out.

The revolution of email-only web forms has struck!

This means that the only information your contact needs to enter is their email address. If they want more information, they can fill out a longer web form later, but getting their email is so important that it’s best to leave out other information and get more late.

First, a proper landing page will be to get that email address

You would have to give the whole world to get that email address. Free reports, free videos, free e-books, and more. Anything digital. If you can give them three things, consumables in different formats (audio, visual, text), you’re much more likely to entice them to sign up.

Second, and this is where web-based CRM software can help you get more information after you get their email

The first thing signup will do is go straight to their email and search for the free content you provide. It’s a great place to gather the rest of their contact information.

You have a link that leads to a web page with this free content. On this page, using your web-based CRM software, you can have an additional sign-up form to gather more information for people who are genuinely interested in your offer.

So you’ve done several things with your web-based CRM software.

1. You directed them to a landing page with a signup form that ONLY requires their email address.
2. You send them a “trackable link” that sends them to your website to get their free content. On this page you collect additional information for people who are really interested in what you have to offer.
3. Your web-based CRM software will “tag” those people who are super interested and your salesperson (or you) can give them a call and follow up.

You are therefore in the process of systematically discovering the interest of your prospects. Those less interested will simply enter their email for the free content. Those most interested will fill out the web form and then get the content and fill in the additional information on the content page. With a good web-based CRM software, you can track it all or even watch it happen live on an activity feed!