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As a sales manager, what’s the best way to spend your time every day? It’s with your people! Along with time in the field, meeting regularly for one-on-one meetings is important.

Please take it as a real opportunity to make a big impact on your team. Focus on “getting into each other’s head” and gaining perspective on how each other thinks. It’s up to you to create an environment where your staff feels like they can conquer the world after meeting with you!

Before the one-on-one, you should be prepared by having already reviewed weekly reports, completed tasks, projections, etc. Also, remember to build a game plan for what you and the employee need to accomplish during the meeting.

Every time we meet, we SCORE!


The following is a step-by-step plan for conducting an effective one-on-one.


Review the completed task report (the employee must learn to keep quality notes for each task).

  • What companies are we currently targeting?
  • What do those companies need?
  • What solutions can we offer them?
  • What is their current interest in working with us?
  • What does our pipeline look like for the next three to five months?


  • What are the biggest challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks that the employee is running into?
  • What success strategies, philosophies, and best practices will serve as potential solutions?


Once we “master” the areas the employee is currently working on.

  • What new initiatives will we look to implement in the future?


Create an incentive for beating the current objectives so that you can move up to the next level of development and take on the next challenge!


Let’s go through last week’s results and see how the employee performed.

  • Where did they do best?
  • Where did they struggle?
  • What was their overall performance rating?
  • What will the employee work on to improve their rating in the weeks to come?


Work jointly with your employee to develop and write down 3-to 5 action items. Then, have the employee focus on these items for the next 2-4 weeks. Then, continue to follow up on these and build on them on a weekly basis until the employee masters the concepts. At that point, you are ready to move on to new objectives and expectations!

After the one-on-one, ensure that the employee is “Gung-ho” and has a specific set of 3-5 actionable items to implement and carry out before your next meeting. You need to follow up on these items periodically throughout the week to offer additional coaching or assistance.

Tying It All Together

During the one-on-one, when discussing “Strategy,” “Challenges,” and “Opportunities,” you should use the Completed Tasks Report to review which companies/targets the salesperson is currently targeting.

When you get to the “Results” and “Expectations” sections, you should review the prior week’s results and set appropriate expectations for improvement in the weeks to come.

Always remember that your attitude and demeanor set the tone for the meeting. It won’t be effective if you run through this like a bulldog. You and your staff must have a trusting relationship.

Remember, you are a coach. Your job is to help and develop your people! After several weeks, you will have a file of all your one-on-one sessions with your staff. You can use it as a motivational tool to show your employees how much progress they have made.

You can even use it to review your coaching trends for what is working and what isn’t. But on the other hand, it can also serve as documentation for employees who are going through the disciplinary process for not meeting goals and not following through with commitments.