How to set measurable product development goals

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Product development programs meet two types of goals that can be measured, one for the product itself the other for how well they work with other business goals. Product-related purposes, such as improving performance, costs, or quality, let you measure how well the program worked.

This way, you can see how well it worked. Business-related goals show how product development helps meet goals like increasing revenue or profitability.

Performance of a Product Development Process

A product development program can be used to make a new product or improve the performance of an already existing one. In either case, the goal is to create a product that your customers can’t get from your competitors. First, determine which performance factors are essential to your customers. So that you can set specific goals for how well your products or services will do in terms of how well they will do.

Examples include increasing operating speed by a certain percentage or putting together a single product that does many things at once. By doing market research or asking customers what they want, you can determine what is vital for growth.


The cost of a product is essential if you want to sell for less than your competitors or cut your manufacturing costs. Set a goal like lowering the price of a product by a certain percentage by using cheaper parts or reducing the cost of manufacturing by a certain percentage by cutting out a certain number of machining steps.

You can also set goals for improving the cost of your product development process, such as cutting costs by a certain percentage by hiring a university or research firm to do some of the research for you instead of you.


Suppose customers think your products are unreliable or expensive to keep up with. In that case, quality improvement is a fundamental goal for product development. It is also imperative if your company has to meet specific quality standards set by your customers or by the government.

Determine how much you want to improve the reliability of your product by using more substantial materials or how much you want to cut down on the cost of maintaining your product by allowing longer service times.

Effectiveness in Marketing

Business goals like increasing market share, keeping customers, or entering new markets can be met by making new products that can help you achieve them. For example, streamlining your product development process reduces the time it takes to get new products to market. This enables you to stay ahead of your competitors and stay on top.

To set goals that can be measured, figure out which parts of B2B marketing will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. For example, you could make sure that a certain number of new products meet customer needs in a new market sector or cut the time it takes for new products to go on sale by a certain amount.

Income and Profit

Products must be made that meet your overall strategic goals, and the program must show a good return on investment. You can set several goals that show how much product development helps. If your business goal is to make more money, set a goal like increasing the percentage of sales from new products by a certain amount.

If the goal is to make more money, set a goal like increasing the profit contribution of new products by a certain amount.