How to price your B2B products?

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One of the most perplexing difficulties that entrepreneurs have when they initially start is determining the appropriate value to set on their goods. Keep in mind that I did not use the term “price,” but rather “value.”

Consider the knowledge you bring to the game, the energy you invested in the establishment of your company, and the strategy your business takes.

When establishing a pricing, consider the costs associated with designing and manufacturing your product or service. If you are a trainer or consultant, determine the hourly or project rate for your time.

Finally, you must demonstrate the value of your offering to your prospective customer at a price that is sustainable for you.

Experimentation is a great teacher.

Spend time studying comparable products and rivals to obtain a sense of the pricing range. Then evaluate your desired position within the range. Which end of the spectrum do you prefer: at the low end with the objective of making more frequent sales at a lower profit, in the center where you can play it safe, or at the high end with the goal of making fewer sales but at a larger profit?

Establish a pricing chart

Any choice is always accompanied by a plus or negative. Create a spreadsheet outlining the various pricing options for your service, along with the associated benefits and drawbacks. Determine which one appeals to you the most and looks to be the most profitable. This is the point at which priorities must be reconsidered in conjunction with your aspirational long-term aim.

Bear in mind that even if you price products low, you must also provide exceptional customer service in order to develop a returning and recommending audience. And your procedure will remain the same in terms of paperwork, effort, and money. As a result, efficiency procedures must be in place prior to setting your pricing and spreading the word.

Considerate pricing came to mind as a result of two recent encounters:

The first seller at a Farmer’s Market offered a reduced per-unit pricing for purchasing two vs three of an item. This made no sense and, worse, may have reduced her sales by 1/3.

The second incident occurred at a well-known cheese business. The overall cost of three tiny wheels of cheese was many dollars cheaper than the cost of two small wheels of cheese. While this increases volume sales, it has a negative impact on the bottom line.

Whether you offer fruit, cheese, design services, or advice, these two instances demonstrate how critical it is to manage all price elements.

  1. Will you occasionally offer sales, and if so, how deep a discount can you provide while still making a profit?
  2. Will you give a discount to repeat customers?
  3. Are you exploring a strategic partnership with discount websites?


When it comes to price and survival, your bottom line is at stake. And having faith in your ability to assist the prospective client is critical to effective selling.

Price, either high or low

Thus, the final consideration is the price range within which you are satisfied selling.

Again, there are advantages and disadvantages.

If you price your products below the market average, some buyers may assume they are inferior to a more costly offering.

On the other side, would you have the confidence to maintain a grin while explaining why your offering is more expensive because…? You must demonstrate worth!

To sell your product or service at the desired price point, you must be able to communicate how yours is unique. Create a 1-2 minute personal narrative describing why you’re passionate about your business and how you assist your clients. Particularly if you are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, strongly explain why your company model should be considered. When you talk, your words must be both compelling and credible. This is the point at which your target customers will begin to “buy-in” to the information you are conveying.

Once you’ve addressed all of these points, you’ll be on your way to a Smooth Sale!