How to create a successful B2B Lead Generation strategy

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In lots of companies the lead generation strategy can still be relatively unsophisticated and inefficient. Here’s 5 ‘must know’ tips to help you create an effective and continuous B2B lead generation strategy:

1. Know your customer

The crucial first step is to establish a solid profile of the target customer and buying team. Who are they? How do they buy? Where do they do their research? These and many more questions are key in gaining an understanding of exactly who you should be targeting to engage with. By doing this research early on, you will be saving yourself considerable time and resources at later stages as your list is likely to be of a higher quality.

2. Know how to find them

When starting to build a prospect list, first instincts are towards buying one. Think about it carefully. These people won’t know you, won’t have any prior engagement with you, and chances are won’t be very receptive to your messages. A better method might be to start with existing contacts; newsletter subscribers, enquiries you may have received. Then build out the list using Inbound Marketing techniques. One of our previous posts, which you can view here, goes more into detail on the subject.

3. Know how to connect with them

Having identified the buyers you are looking to target, next you need to think about the best way to approach them. Most people don’t like their day being interrupted by an unsolicited phone call, and an initial email approach will be more appropriate. If you’re not in possession of their email addresses, a quick phone call to the front desk can often yield rewards.

4. Know how to keep their attention

Making the initial contact and engaging with the prospect is often the ‘easy’ part. The hard part is nurturing them through the marketing funnel until the point they are ready for a sales conversation. The best way to do this? Gradually increase the value of the call to action in your communications. At the start of the process, white papers and industry reports are effective. As the conversation progresses, you might then offer a demo, following on to a full free trial. In this way the prospect continues to engage with you as they are getting value from it.

5. Know your content strategy

An absolutely critical component of any lead generation strategy is strong content. Content is king and without it you are unlikely to interest buyers sufficiently to maintain and depend the engagement. What type of content keeps bringing your prospects back for more?

Monitor your click through rates, assess what content is working and what’s not, produce more of what if working and adapt your strategy accordingly.