Building a Smarter Sales Leads List

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So, your company isn’t helping you generate quality leads? I bet they bought you a list of thousands of leads, dumped them into a database, and said, “Go to work.”

And there you are “dialing for dollars,” making hundreds of calls hoping someone will answer the phone… and when they do, you enthusiastically ask for the name you have on your list and hear, “Who? That person hasn’t worked here for six years.”

That’s not a great way to build credibility

You go to your boss and ask for help. You say, “I’m willing to crank the phones, but I need better leads,” and you hear, “Stop being negative. That’s just how it is in sales.”

It’s time to take matters into your own hands!

So step away from the phones for just one day and take the following three actions.

Target Your Best

Pull a list of all the accounts you’ve closed in the last 12 to 24 months. If your personal list of accounts is small, pull a list of new clients your company has acquired in the last year.

Group the target accounts by industry, number of employees, etc. What types of companies did you convert best? Start by selecting your top one or two industries.

Source of Contacts

Next, turn to a business list-building resource like Hoover’s. Build a list using the criteria that match your “best accounts list” from above. Choose a quality target list that matches your area of expertise. This is the most effective way of lead generation!

Master the Word Tracks

Finally, develop a multitude of compelling reasons for your new target accounts to want to meet with you. Build your word tracks around the following ideas…

• Review the accounts you’ve already won. What did you say to get your first appointment?
• List what you’ve done to work with other clients in the same industry successfully.
• Compile a series of stories, references, testimonials, etc.
• Go into your business resources (Hoover’s, trade publications, etc.) and study your target industries. Put together an industry overview, latest news, challenges, trends, etc.

Now you are ready. Go make some calls!

Remember not to take more than a day to build your new target account list. You make your money selling, not researching!