3 easy ways to deal with idiots in business!

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When the creator was handing out common sense it was unfortunate that some of the people I work with were completely missed. Do you feel the same way at times about the people who work around you? Idiots will present the biggest challenge in your work life, creating stresses and strains which, if not handled correctly, will overflow to your personal endeavors.

Knowing how to deal with idiots could change your business life

Through these same techniques you will also improve yourself, to make sure you are not someone else’s idiot. Here are three sure fire steps to dealing with idiots.

Correct the fault in yourself

When someone does something to annoy you, first note what positive thing they could have done and implement it in your own life. What you are learning here is –“if this bothers me, it must bother others.”

In the same effect you are providing a good example to the idiot without telling them they are wrong. This self correction helps you to become stronger for their error, one man’s failure should be your lesson to growth.

Be understanding always

Others may not have the same benefits in life as you do. They may have strengths in other areas, it just might not be in the area they are currently working. Be understanding with idiots because if you were brought up under similar circumstances you would probably be just like them.

By being understanding of their weaknesses and always seeking their strengths, you reduce the stress associated with an idiot’s actions. You will also learn where you can redirect an idiot to do those things they enjoy and excel at. Their misguided beliefs have put them where they are, you can help them get to where they truly want to be, and in turn get them out of your hair.

Give idiots responsibility

Most idiots, as odd as it may seem, actually make very valid points when they squeak, they just go about it the wrong way. The squeaky wheel gets oiled, but if it continues to squeak it should be replaced. If an idiot does a thing that gives them total responsibility and ownership, put their name on it.

This may sound risky, but think about it, when an idiot is responsible for the outcome or results, they will stand out if they fail. Be conservative with this, but slowly set your idiot up for success with small projects to build on their strengths. If the idiot fails (even when you set them up to win) then you will have the grounds to quickly replace them. Listen to their ideas and make them responsible for their implementation.

In dealing with idiots: correct their faults in yourself, be always understanding, and give them ownership — you will go a long way to reduce your own stress and improve the idiot through a fine example. I may be harsh here, but best of all, by taking control of the situation you prevent yourself from being someone else’s fool. Slowly but surely these methods help everyone involved.

So when you are at work tomorrow and an idiot shows their unwelcome face, smile and realize this is your golden opportunity to help another. Through this you will help yourself reduce stress. You will do your part to improve mankind’s lowest fool!