The Problem of Leadership in Business

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The biggest problem with leadership is “followership.” I’ll share three reasons why.

Be a Leader, Not a Follower

We grew up with parents who told us, “Be a leader, not a follower.” Unfortunately, although the message carries good intentions, it’s been taken out of context.

When we were told not to follow, it was meant to teach us not to tag along with those who were bad influences. Remember when we wanted to drive without a license, stay out past midnight, and try things we shouldn’t be messing with?

It’s In Our Nature

Go back to the very beginning of life. We bit from the apple. Man’s greatest sin was that he didn’t obey.

What if I told you that your role is to obey those assigned as leaders in your life? Does it make you uneasy, uncomfortable, and feel a little defiant?

Think about the problems you’ve had with the assigned leaders in your life. Then, write down the issues and frustrations that came with each leader. Is there a common theme?

Those who subscribe to this line of thinking will say, “You will continue to go through the process until you get it.”

We Think Our Way is Best

Think of professional athletes and their coaches. Brett Favre is a perfect example. He doesn’t want to be told what to do and thinks his way is best. As a result, he trusts in his own strategy more than anyone else’s.

What about salespeople? We think, “Just let me do it my own way. I’ll do better if you leave me alone!”

So what is the solution?


My goal is to become a better follower. Our ability to lead is largely dependent on our willingness to follow.


In the words of Ben Parker (Spider-Man’s alter ego), “With great power comes great responsibility.” You’ve been assigned to a leadership role. When it comes time to answer for your actions, how well did you handle the “assignment?”

Walk away from this article with your finger pointed at your own heart. There, you will find the solution.