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Sales team meeting: Motivate your salespeople

A sales team meeting can be your best leadership tool for effective communication. Here are five keys to lead effective and productive meetings.

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A sales team meeting can be the biggest waste of time you inflict upon your people. Or, they can be your best leadership tool for effective communication. Here are five keys to having effective meetings that impact your sales team.

Sales meetings are critical to the success of any sales business. However, salespeople generally see them as an annoying waste of time rather than a way to succeed.

By strategically planning each meeting and encouraging your sales crew, you can increase the productivity of each sales team meeting. As a result, your staff will be energized and prepared to participate in meetings.

sales team meetings are significant to develop effective strategies

Plan your sales team meeting

Quit winging what you will say or scribbling it out on a napkin five minutes before it starts. Instead, have a plan of what you will discuss and then pare it down to the most economical way in words and time to achieve your goal.

Don’t cover too much

Overloading people with information causes the sales team meeting ineffective and your people overwhelmed. You’re better off to have more short meetings with impact than occasional ones that drone on forever, losing their impact along the way. People will learn to dread your sales meetings and enter them with a poor attitude if they know they’re in for a time-grind.

How to improve sales team meetings?

Sales team meeting should start and end positively

Beginning a sales team meeting with accusations, complaints, or re-directs shuts down your participants. This should not be the structure of team meetings because your salespeople become defensive and rarely get them involved after you’ve shut them down. Your momentum is gone.

Begin with good news. This sets the tone and creates momentum. Acknowledge top performers in the room. End the meeting on the same note: restating your strategy and affirmation for the people in the room.

A sales team meeting is not the place of criticizing

End the sales team meeting by expressing belief in their best. They will carry those last few words around in their heads until the next meeting-so make sure they have a positive impact. Publicly praise anyone deserving. Praise in front of peers is one of the best recognition motivators. Criticize those who deserve it in private. When you dress someone down in a meeting, you look small, not them.

points to be discussed in sales team meeting

Keep control of the meeting

Don’t let it get off track and onto things that are not on your meeting agenda. If someone brings up a potentially explosive or distracting question or point, offer to discuss it with that person after the meeting. The same goes for those who bring up personal gripes or problems.

Say something like this, “I understand your concerns. See me after the meeting, and I will have more time to address that issue than I do right now.” If you have people who talk amongst themselves to the point that they are disruptive, create peer pressure for them to keep quiet by saying something like, “Gang, we need to stay on track so we can get out of here on time. Otherwise, we’re going to run long today.”

how to make staff meetings more engaging

Give them marching orders

Two things must be covered in every sales team meeting, and usually, the second one is forgotten:

1. Tell them what you want them to know.
2. Tell them what you want them to do.

We often go on and on with information and then give no marching orders. People should leave your meeting knowing what they are expected to do. Just filling them up with details without prompting them to take action is a waste of time.

A sales team meeting should accomplish more than giving information. You should generate action plans to increase sales altogether. There should be something specific to be done to improve or address an area that was covered.

Ineffective meetings are worthless

Not to your sales team's success, nor to the total value of your company. Allow your team to avoid the trap of useless meetings. That is why you should go over some critical components that will ensure your meetings are not meaningless waste of time.


Example sales team meeting topics

One of the most critical components of every sales meeting is for participants to speak. Assemble a debate that includes everyone and allows everyone to voice their opinions, ideas, and feelings. Participation should be the main objective of successful staff meetings

Setting goals and monitoring progress

  • A sales team meeting provide an excellent forum for salespeople to discuss their objectives.
  • By establishing goals and deadlines, the team may better manage itself and offer status updates as needed.
  • During meetings, each individual can offer updates on their work or share target topics for the entire performance on the field if the meeting includes more than one sales team.
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Meetings to motivate

  • Begin with an icebreaker. As an icebreaker, you can discuss a hilarious incident at work, a new lead, or a famous TV show. Discuss something that will immediately reduce the pressure.
  • Show gratitude. It is critical for sales team motivation that you occasionally express gratitude to your employees for their efforts. By expressing gratitude and establishing trust, you may foster a more cohesive and productive organization.
  • Concentrate on the good. It would be excellent if you could limit group sessions to discussing only positive aspects. Embarrassing a team member during a sales team meeting is never a smart idea. It will have no beneficial effect on the effectiveness of your crew. More likely, the reverse will occur. Rather than that, reserve your complaints and bad criticism for one-on-one discussions.
  • Be a team member. Aim to eliminate the entire boss-employee divide and foster a pleasant work environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Each salesperson of the team should be able to express themselves freely and have their moment to shine.
  • Encourage honesty. Maintain communication with your team. This is a key aspect of running a sales team. Justify your B2B sales strategy, tactics, and objectives. Distribute the information and data that support your logic.
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Meetings with different departments

  • Bringing participants from various departments like marketing or finance to sales team meetings is always a smart idea.
  • Sales and marketing professionals should work closely together to produce long-term strategic ideas for the organization’s products and services.
  • Marketing can provide insight into new lead generation strategies. But, at the same time, salespeople can also provide marketers with vital information about consumer wants and preferences.
  • Given that sales and marketing alignment is one of the most prevalent pain issues for sales representatives, You always should keep the lines of communication open between these two departments.
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There’s a lot at stake when you hold a sales team meeting. Preparation and technique will make them count. If you have 10 people in an ineffective meeting lasting for 30 minutes, you’ve just wasted 300 minutes- five hours- of valuable personnel time that your organization won’t get back. Do that a few times a month, and the effect is absolutely devastating.

As you’ve seen, sales team meetings do not have to be hated. When properly designed and communicated, these meetings can create an opportunity for reps to thrive, grow, and improve.

Additionally, they might provide new strategic sales concepts. As you learned, these breakthroughs can come from the most unexpected areas. Follow these ideas to maximize the impact of your next sales team meeting and establish your credibility as a real leader.

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