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A decision to outsource all or part of your company’s sales organization can be nerve-wracking. The firm you select is a direct representation of your organization and the success of your sales lies in its hands.

Outsourced sales company should be your key partner

It’s key to partner with a firm that not only defines tactics that generate results, but also one that works with you collaboratively to improve performance. By selecting a sales provider who functions as a strategic partner, passionate about your success, you are more likely to ensure off the chart results that continue to improve over time.

Several characteristics determine if your outsourced sales provider can truly function as a strategic partner. At a minimum, the partner should:

Act as a trusted advisor, consistently bringing innovative ideas to the table to boost sales performance. Your sales provider should be a thought leader, well versed on the latest trends, and someone with whom you can consult on a regular basis.

Through both their extensive experience and in-depth analysis of your sales performance, best-in-class sales providers proactively suggest new ways to improve results and generate more revenue for your company. Your partnership will be less likely to achieve stellar results if your outsourced sales provider maintains the status quo rather than progressively innovating toward success.

Encourage open dialogue and goal alignment between your companies.

Utilizing frequent team communications and status reviews ensures both parties are on the same page regarding strategy and progress. This level of communication ensures you are not only achieving your goals, but adds regular checkpoints to track progress and minimize surprises of poor production or output.

If your sales partner operates in silos and without your input, valuable time and resources could be lost pursuing objectives that do not align with your primary objectives.

Additionally, companies need to have the flexibility to adapt rapidly to an ever-changing marketplace. Using a collaborative approach ensures both parties are constantly well informed, making it possible to change focus quickly when shifts in strategy are needed.

Operate as a true extension of your internal team in a highly interactive environment. This approach provides an unparalleled ability for your partner to collaborate with your internal team members to work towards continuously increasing results and facilitating a smooth process for lead hand-off.

Additionally, it allows your sales partner to provide deep insight to your marketing and sales departments. Through continuous interactions and an in-depth understanding of what takes place internally, your sales partner can add extra value by implementing collaborative efforts to bridge any communication gaps that may exist.

Focus on building a long-term partnership, constantly improving processes and procedures. In-depth exposure for extended periods of time gives your sales provider an unmatched level of insight regarding your company’s specific processes and offerings.

Utilizing this information and insight, your sales partners can help drive inefficiencies out of your own processes and procedures. This approach allows your engagement to reach new levels of efficiency and fosters ongoing improvements between both parties.

Your outsourced sales provider should have exceptional knowledge of not just your products and services, but industry products and services, to translate your value to your clients effectively.

Find Partners, Not Providers

True strategic sales partners are hard to find. Crucial to success is the ability and willingness of your partner to engage in ongoing collaboration. By ensuring that the sales provider you partner with operates as a true strategic partner, you can rest assured that your engagement will be one of open communication, driving continuous improvements and generating sales results that exceed your expectations.