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Sales and marketing cooperation: The key to growth

Sales and marketing should work together as one unit in B2B sales companies, to have the advantage created by sales and marketing cooperation.

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Sales and marketing cooperation in an industrial B2B company appears to be the obvious choice, but it can be a challenge for many organizations. The key point is that sales and marketing must be in sync. Sales and marketing alignment appears to be lacking in many of the organizations we’ve observed.

sales and marketing alignment

Sales and marketing cooperation creates synergy

There is a common theme – there is a Sales Department and a Marketing Department – and they consider this division to be significant. That is the most serious mistake an organization can make within its own walls!

Sales and marketing should work together as one unit, speaking from the same book. These kind of companies are losing the advantage of sales and marketing alignment.

sales and marketing alignment

Reasons for sales and marketing cooperation

Here are the pitfalls for non-alignment and reasons for cooperation of sales and marketing:

First, the pitfalls for non-alignment between the two teams. The customers can get confused as to who they are dealing with. This is the most common issue in lack of sales and marketing cooperation in companies. When customers are confused – they slow down their decision process; research for more and clear options; delay or make no decisions; or seek more concessions if they feel there is greater risk.

There is a lack of information flow between the sales team in the field and the marketing team. This leads to the marketing team focusing on the wrong problems or presenting the solution in a less effective manner. This continues to keep the split in place due to the sales team feeling the marketing team is out of touch with the customer.

Respect issue

Then there is the issue of respect between the two teams. When there is no sales and marketing cooperation, respect for each team’s work is lowered. Leading to freelancing by the sales team, which leads to multiple messages being placed in the market. Brand awareness and loyalty is reduced and sales expectations naturally drop.

sales and marketing cooperation

The next point is sales and marketing cooperation and the benefits are huge for the company and the customers. Alignment is the goal for consistent, steady and profitable growth. The reasons are numerous, yet, I will present the top three reasons that lead to success.

First, the customer gets a consistent message about the company, products and services. Confusion is reduced and benefits are clarified. Customers develop a top of mind awareness for your company whenever an issue comes up. So, sales and marketing cooperation builds repeat business – the most profitable type of business!

Sales and marketing alignment

Second, the sales and marketing teams are working closely together. Sharing information and field insight with the people responsible for coordinating the message, creates new lead generation opportunities. Opportunities increase and sales efforts deliver a consistent message or vision.

Finally, positioning and brand strategies become concrete for both the company and the customers. Repeat business and increased new opportunities come to companies that establish a clear identity in the marketplace. Sales people and marketing people are showing the customer exactly what problems or issues they solve. Success is accelerated.

In conclusion, sales and marketing cooperation is the critical third key for growth. You need to view how your sales and marketing teams align. Sometimes the structure reflects the answer – especially when the senior position is split – one for sales and one for marketing. This is a sign of non-alignment.