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Five Secrets to B2B Sales Success

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Okay so we admit that they aren’t closely held secrets; in fact you’ve probably heard these before. It seems like marketers are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to B2B sales success, however sometimes it’s best to just get back to the basics.

Many times these basic practices are forgotten and can prohibit a prospect from doing business with an organization. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to keep them in mind if you are looking for tips for success during your B2B sales career.


Sales professionals should never “wing it”. Always come prepared to sales calls so that you will be taken seriously when giving your pitch. This means that you have a clear understanding of the product and are prepared to answer any questions the prospect may have. Trust us, from our 35 years of experience in B2B lead generation and full sales cycle selling; we know how much your prospects will appreciate your preparation. They also won’t be under the impression that you are wasting their time.

Develop a pipeline

We aren’t talking about just another list of names and numbers. This is finding prospects where your product or service would be a good fit through a process of lead generation. There are many ways to go about lead generation and businesses should depend on both inbound and outbound marketing techniques to gain the business of new customers. One effective method of lead generation is telesales.

Telesales lead generation is a cost effective method of vetting prospect interest to successfully fill the sales pipeline. This is because prospects are contacted by a lead generation sales team to determine if lead conditions can been met. Typically this includes budget, authority and timeline criteria. Many organizations have seen higher sales conversion rates due to telesales lead generation.

Build rapport

In order to be successful, sales teams should understand the value in building rapport with prospects. When prospects trust a business, or the sales person that represents an organization, they become more inclined to purchase and have a greater chance at becoming a repeat customer. Sales teams that can effectively build lasting relationships with prospects will also find that they are able to close more business with less effort as they are building trust at a quicker pace.

Bring value

Listen to your customer when they discuss their needs and don’t automatically assume they need whatever it is you’re selling. By asking probing questions that dig down to finding the prospect’s pain points, sales teams will more effectively be able to identify business solutions. If it doesn’t make good business sense for your client or prospect to purchase, don’t pressure them to do so. They will thank you for it later.


The key to networking is targeting the right prospects, building rapport and not forgetting to follow up with the new contacts. By gathering contact information, organizations can use that information to implement a lead nurturing campaign as a means of constant contact and converting prospects to customers at the appropriate time in the sales cycle.

Also don’t stop communicating with clients once you’ve closed the sale. If you provide a great service, satisfy their needs and have an overall happy client, ask them for referrals. This is an easy way to develop your sales pipeline like we discussed above.