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Online customer acquisition strategies

Using online platforms is the primary way of customer acquisition nowadays. You can discover valuable potential customers by utilizing online resources.

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It is critical for your organization to have a digital marketing plan in place to guarantee that your marketing efforts support specific lead generation objectives. As the number of diverse digital channels available to engage your target B2B customer base continues to grow, failing to have an B2B online customer acquisition strategy in place could prove devastating.

online customer acquisition process

Importance of online customer acquisition

Inbound marketing is the process of persuading visitors to become customers. You must first determine which customer acquisition techniques (technical content marketing, industry webinars, and social media marketing, for instance) are most appropriate for your target B2B market and then develop an execution plan properly.

A digital customer acquisition plan is contingent upon techniques that include methods for conducting customer queries. Email list building, client recommendations, and so on are all examples of techniques.

Using online customer acquisition sources

Using online sources is the most popular customer acquisition model nowadays. You can discover potential customers using online resources such as search engines, LinkedIn, social media, and industry portals. When you are using online resources to pursue your online acquisition strategy, you may drive the process in two steps.

Step 1: Look for companies matching your ideal customer profile operating in your target markets.

Step 2: Look for relevant and authorized contacts in those companies.

Since it is an extensive topic, I would like you to examine it in detail.

Using LinkedIn for outbound prospecting and customer acquisition activities

LinkedIn – The king of online customer acquisition

LinkedIn has over 700 million users spread across the world, and it’s the most powerful platform for business networking. LinkedIn is a gold mine for online customer acquisition. It allows you to find the companies in your target markets and those companies’ authorities.

Try to reach as many prospects as you can. The more connections you have, the more broad your reach will be. By adding professionals to your LinkedIn network, you can create a lead pool to view and interact with your posts.

LinkedIn inmail

LinkedIn provides you useful tools such as Inmail —direct message— if you purchase a premium membership. In this way, you can start a conversation by sending a direct message to the relevant and authorized people you target (Purchasing manager, engineering director, VP of procurement). You can search leads according to their similar attributes to your ICP. These search tools can help you discover new potential customers.

Besides, LinkedIn groups provide a great way to connect with potential customers. Once you are a member of a related group to your industry segment, LinkedIn lets you search the list of contacts in that group. LinkedIn profiles of the group members allow you to understand if they are suitable for proceeding with them.

google is an effective tool for outbound lead generation strategy


Google is a great online customer acquisition tool that allows you to find all the companies you are looking for. By doing a Google search, you can find potential customers in your target market, access their websites, and collect detailed info about them.

Open the Google search page and start searching for new customers. You know your target industry segments, and you know your ideal customer profile. Start searching those terms in Google, along with county, state, or city names that relate to your geographic range.

Right away, you will start seeing some potential customers on your screen. As you gain search experience, you can find out more companies and focus on those with the most potential. For instance, looking at a company’s firmographics can tell you whether it may fit your ICP.

Google alerts

Google Alerts can send you email notifications related to the updates you are interested in. Tech-follower industrial sales experts often use Google Alerts. They track news and updates about their competitors, their target industrial markets, and their own company through these notifications. You may also search for companies operating in different markets.

Still, I don’t recommend you going far away from your target industry. It would be best to prioritize the potential companies in your target industrial market/segment because they will probably be easier for you to pitch and convert.

Social media platforms for online customer acquisition

Social media

You may think about how we can find potential customers from social media platforms. Let me explain right away. Social media can be helpful to online customer acquisition strategy. Many companies have social media accounts. They try to attract customers by sharing their products —goods and services— on those platforms.

Now, check out one of your competitor’s social media accounts. Analyze the followers. Who likes their posts regularly? Then, search on LinkedIn for the people/companies in continuous interaction with your competitor’s social media posts. You can find both companies and relevant key people working in your target markets in that way.

Facebook groups

Besides, Facebook Groups are active communities where people share professional interests, job titles, location, and more information. These are excellent places for online customer acquisition. You can gather some useful info about leads and your target industrial markets.

The trick is, make sure you pick the groups most related to your industry and products. Then share facts, tips, technical data, and infographics with the group to set yourself up as an industry expert. That will provide you engagement with other group members and discover new leads.

Be careful about social platforms

I want to give a piece of advice at this point. People mostly use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for personal relations. Disturb no one on these platforms for business purposes. Use the professional platform LinkedIn for online customer acquisition purposes. It can be very inappropriate to disturb people in their private areas. Therefore, only determine them.

Do not contact them via Facebook or Instagram as long as they don’t have a professional business profile on these platforms. It’s always better to use LinkedIn to start a conversation for prospecting purposes.

online sources provide amazing opportunities for inbound marketing, lead generation and sales prospecing strategies

Conclusion for online customer acquisition

A successful and sustainable B2B company needs an online customer acquisition strategy. Leverage a variety of approaches and tactics to connect with your target customers, experiment with the online channels and techniques you use, and monitor and analyze the results.

Once you begin acquiring new customers, you will be able to discover your customer acquisition costs and begin reducing them in order to increase the profitability of your company.