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2 Simple Goals for Cold Calling Success

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Achieving success with cold calling is all about maintaining perspective. Too often, people approach cold calling with the idea that they want to see results now. They end up abandoning the activity because they don’t feel like they are making any progress.

You should know that results are not a product of one day’s work. Instead, they are the cumulative effect of your effort over a period that produces the greatest return.”

Here are 2 Simple Goals for Cold Calling Success:

Goal #1 – Information

The biggest thing you want to gain from cold calling is information. So first, learn who the decision-makers are, find out the best time to reach them, and get direct-dial phone numbers, cell phones, and email addresses.

Next, uncover whether they use other products, services, or vendors that relate to your offering.

Finally, if they are using a similar product or service, dig to find out if there are current frustrations or areas of opportunity for improvement. I always like to ask something like, “What things would open the door to have you consider another provider?”

Your primary goal is to get as many details as possible to help qualify the prospect as a viable lead in your database.

Goal #2 – Follow Up Opportunities

Cold calling will rarely get you the deal on the first call. Instead, change your expectation to that of creating follow-up opportunities. This is where you begin to lay the foundation and build a pipeline that will return big-time results in the future!

If a prospect is unwilling or unable to talk now, find out the best time to call them back or try to schedule an appointment to meet at a time “when they are expecting you.”

Now you have an opportunity to show that you can live up to expectations by making sure that you call back on the day that you promised. The “cold” part is over. Be dependable and professionally persistent.

When you look back at the end of the day, you might have made 20, 30, or even 40 cold calls, and you don’t feel like you got anything out of it, mainly because you didn’t schedule that many appointments. But, on the other hand, maybe you’ve had a tough couple of days and haven’t scheduled any appointments at all.

I suggest looking at it from a completely different perspective

The result of your cold calling effort should be in figuring out how much information you gathered and how many follow-up opportunities you created. Achieving these two goals every day will set you up for the greatest success!