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Industrial companies such as manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and agents have historically been primarily sales-driven but only gradually recognized the value of marketing. As a result, while you may be familiar with marketing as a technique of new customer acquisition for other companies, you may be skeptical that it will work for your industrial company. Therefore, many manufacturers and industrial corporations are overlooking opportunities to leverage industrial marketing techniques.

So, what is industrial marketing?

Industrial marketing, alternatively referred to as business-to-business (B2B) marketing, is a subset of B2B marketing that focuses on providing products (goods and services) to other companies rather than individual consumers.

Because industrial marketing frequently involves huge orders and long-term connections between manufacturer and customer, the sales cycle from initial pitch to closing the sale is frequently more complicated than the procedure between a company and an individual consumer.

While business-to-consumer sales may emphasize one-on-one interactions between two people, industrial marketing strategy is typically composed of multiple individuals. Before the goods can be placed on the shelves of the other store, the two companies must strike an agreement, including the manufacturing, purchasing, and delivery of thousands of items.

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Who should use industrial marketing techniques?

Industrial organizations manufacture and sell products that have few to no applicability at the individual customer level, implying that their sole customers will be other companies. Therefore, each B2B seller company should use industrial marketing techniques to reach the potential customers.

For example, a corporation that manufactures large-scale manufacturing machinery is unlikely or unable to sell it to private individuals, as those buyers are unlikely to purchase it or will not want such equipment. Therefore, a successful industrial marketing strategy should have this awareness and correctly determine its target audience.

Industrial equipment has to be sold to another company with both the financial capability and the requirement to manufacture vast numbers of its own product, such as a large scale shoe factory that must produce one thousand units of the same pair of shoes each year. Therefore, B2B marketers design their industrial product marketing strategy oriented to qualified prospective customers.

Numerous consumer product firms establish a dedicated industrial marketing team for B2B customers. In addition, they prepare and implement an industrial marketing plan for commercial customers. For example, furniture makers frequently do this, enabling companies to use their desks, armchairs, and couches in their offices.

Reaching industrial markets often occurs as the manufacturer’s company expands to a size that allows for greater orders. In addition, service companies frequently expand to corporate customers to secure more expensive contracts.

A law company, for example, could broaden its scope from serving merely individuals to assisting businesses in developing their own contracts. Therefore, many professional business service companies have industrial marketing specialists and marketing data analysts now.

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Objectives of the industrial marketing techniques

Industrial marketing techniques are not for everyone and determining if they are worthwhile for you can be challenging. However, having a clear strategy and goals to be achieved to guide your decision can assist in determining the best marketing strategy for your industrial company and how it should be implemented.

What do you expect to accomplish with your industrial organization? What sales targets are you aiming for? What does the future hold for your business? The industrial marketing process may benefit the majority of industrial enterprises in the following ways:

  • Boost revenue
  • Conduct an effective industrial market research process
  • Increase the quality of your leads
  • Maintain relationships with customers
  • Increase market penetration
  • Achieve a perfect industrial marketing positioning
  • Contribute to your industry
  • Develop into an industry leader
  • Outperform the competition


Before promoting your company, determining how you want marketing to support your targets will assist you in determining what marketing to perform, which industrial marketing techniques are appropriate for your goals, and how much money to spend.

Most industrial organizations excel at creating sales targets and determining what it takes to acquire new customers. These similar objectives can easily be implemented into your industrial marketing process and larger objectives such as brand awareness or reputation in your sector.

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Best industrial marketing techniques

If you’re unfamiliar with business marketing, it can be difficult to identify which models will perform best for your organization. Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy; it should be customized to your specific objectives and budget. As a beginning point, familiarizing yourself with various industrial marketing techniques will assist you in determining which is the best fit for your business.

Industrial marketing techniques are based on a business-to-business approach centered on relationship development and creating trust with customers. Direct outreach is a critical component of industrial product marketing because you have niche-specific products (goods or services) that only a select few companies can use. It is, nonetheless, critical to maintain a good web presence and to engage in traditional marketing.

Direct outreach and cold calling

Since you’re marketing to other businesses, some basic research will reveal industrial companies that could benefit from your product. Make a list of the businesses and contact them by phone or email.

While cold calling may seem archaic and hazardous, when done correctly, it can provide positive outcomes. It is an effective tool for the success of your overall marketing strategy. At this point, you may want to benefit from marketing automation software to support you.

The trick is to avoid squandering anyone’s time. Ascertain that you speak with the operations or production manager, as they will understand the underlying worth of your product and will be able to approve your request or make a recommendation to the purchasing department.

Leave a brief message and, if necessary, your contact information. Furthermore, do not be afraid to follow up. For an effective follow-up process, I recommend you use quality marketing automation software.

Whether you’re sending an email (Ex: email marketing campaign) or speaking on the phone, be direct: you want to promote your product, which may provide significant benefits.

Based on your present case studies, indicate the possible return on investment (ROI) or percentage gain in efficiency and safety. These figures should wake up the supervisors’ ears. Providing real case data is one of the best industrial marketing techniques.

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Participating at trade shows and events

Having a stand at trade shows and conventions is an extremely effective approach to getting your brand and goods in front of potential buyers. It’s one of the classic industrial marketing techniques. Not only should you plan to attend these events, but also to have an attractive booth to entice browsers to stop by.

If possible, bring your products with you. If it’s too enormous, include a video of it in operation, as well as lots of banners and handouts with images and catchphrases for people to notice while they’re out and about. Place your industrial marketing professionals in your booth to allow them to interact with prospective customers.

Your ultimate objective is to generate leads, and in order to do so, you must collect contact information. Allow guests to leave their contact information for your newsletter, whether through a gift or simply by placing a notepad on the table.

Another option is to place a business card drop jar on the table to collect information about prospective companies. Then, when your industrial marketing specialists phone these individuals, they should mention the exhibition to establish rapport and make a favorable first impression.

If you believe your industrial product has the potential to transform the world, learn how to speak at a conference or trade exhibition. You have the option of delivering a much broader pitch in an educational environment, detailing how your solution solves a problem. Your industrial marketing team may be required to pay for these possibilities.

Advertise in industry publications

Using traditional print advertising is still one of the most effective industrial marketing techniques. Industrial marketing channels change however publications are still popular. Conduct research into numerous industrial magazines that upper executives may read.

Alternatively, look at your competition and determine which news organizations they follow. If you want to reach your target audience, avoid generic periodicals, journals, and newsletters.

Advertisements in trade publications have a variety of options, including full-page, half-page, and quarter-page adverts within the magazine, as well as classified listings at the magazine’s conclusion. But, first, establish a budget and design an eye-catching advertisement that best uses the space available.

At this phase, you can get support from a content marketing institute. Many marketing departments do that. The bare minimum requirements are a photograph of your product, a short overview of what it does, your web address, and a phone number.

Eventually, you want people to read your print ads and be intrigued enough just to visit your website. You can then provide additional information about the product (by using technical content marketing) and urge visitors to leave their contact information.

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Online pay-per-click advertising

While printed trade journals continue to be popular, it is critical to consider digital marketing as well. Now, let’s check one of the modern industrial marketing techniques; PPC advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising on these sites can help drive targeted visitors to your website. You know, you need to have an online marketing strategy to reach your potential customers now.

You can construct banner advertisements to fit a range of places, from a website’s top header to a sidebar. Another approach is to utilize pop-out adverts, which expand as the user’s mouse lingers over them.

While most pay-per-click banner advertisements are created through a platform such as Google Ads, it is also feasible to approach web admins of industrial portals directly about having an advertisement on their site for a fixed or monthly charge. Finally, you may use marketing automation tools to analyze the performance of those advertisements. You can create a strong marketing strategy by analyzing direct advertising efficiency.

With Google Ads, you can design specialized industrial marketing campaigns that display your ads to a highly targeted segment of consumers. You can segment users based on their most recent search queries, their location, and other information.

This helps you maximize the effectiveness of your advertising expenditure by ensuring that the people who encounter your adverts are likely to find them attractive enough to click on them. These advertisements can be seen over the internet, including in Google search results and on YouTube.

Professional company website

You company website is your most important weapon. Businesses that wish to build trust and run a successful industrial marketing campaign must have a professionally designed website. It is not an option, it is an obligation. A well-designed and easy-to-navigate website can easily pay for itself. To begin, the style of your website conveys an image of your business to visitors.

Suppose you want to make a good first impression. In that case, your website must present perfect content marketing in all aspects, including high-definition photographs and videos, straightforward navigation, and error-free web text.

Your company website is a self-contained marketing machine and a key to a successful industrial marketing strategy. Therefore, it should be optimized for search engines (SEO) from the start to increase organic traffic generated by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search inquiries.

Make your website as simple as possible for people to subscribe to your email newsletter. Each contact information you receive is an opportunity to engage a sales lead. You do not need to look for new industrial marketing techniques far away. First, focus on your website.

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Email marketing

After obtaining contact information from prospective buyers, you must maintain their engagement with your business in order to move them through your sales pipeline. Having an email marketing program is an excellent method for accomplishing this.

By sending emails to prospects regularly, you can ensure that your business remains top-of-mind. When they are ready to acquire your industrial goods, they will immediately think of your brand.

There is a narrow line between encouraging and aggravating leads, which is why your email marketing campaign must provide helpful information on a consistent but polite timetable. You do not want your emails to be labeled spam or to lead consumers to unsubscribe, as this can result in a negative reputation for your business.

Ascertain that you are using an email marketing platform that provides statistics on your emails so that you may conduct testing and determine the schedule that your receivers appear to favor.

What type of information should you send to prospects in an industrial product email marketing campaign? Although it’s enticing to end each email with “Buy now!” it’s better to adhere to the gentle pitch in order to avoid being perceived as a hassle.

You want each email’s content to be somewhat unpredictable (but predictably high-quality) in order to elicit an interesting response from readers. So send them special offers, industry news and events, useful and relevant blog posts, case studies, and holiday greetings, among other things.

Social media marketing

Developing brand commitment and retention are the two primary objectives of an industrial social media marketing strategy. As with email marketing, it is a method of staying top of mind.

Your social media followers must complete one further step and subscribe to your email newsletter for you to collect their contact information and advance them along the conversion funnel. As a result, redirecting potential customers to your website and promoting email sign-ups are two strategies to incorporate into your social media approach.

Social media marketing can encompass both paid and organic growth. As with Google Ads, Facebook Ads enables you to specify specific demographic characteristics about the customers who view your ads. Then, you pay either per click or per view to get an advertisement or boosted post seen by individuals.

This is an effective strategy for bringing your industrial product to the attention of operations and production managers, boosting future brand identification even if they do not immediately become followers or subscribers.

As with email marketing, social media efforts benefit from a soft-sell technique. People enjoy the amusing, interesting, or heartwarming content, and it’s even nicer if it’s a video with subtitles. Avoid posts that are just textual; always add a graphic or a link. As with your website, your social media presence establishes a first impression; therefore, ensure that it is professional by reviewing postings and using only high-quality photographs.

Even if you don’t have a large budget for social media marketing, a simple presentation with a few weekly updates might actually help with your website’s SEO strategy, so don’t completely disregard social media. It would help if you had it for a solid marketing campaign.


Final words on industrial marketing techniques

The industrial marketing process might be challenging and long. Many industrial customers are not ready to finalize a purchase at the moment. The sales cycle is long because the purchasing organization is about to make a big investment and must exercise caution. That is why you must nurture the relationship for them to maintain interest and eventually make a purchase.

While industrial marketing techniques are still relatively unknown to many businesses, they offer tremendous potential. Bear in mind that marketing a B2B industrial company requires an understanding of the industry-specific terminology, effort to develop lasting commercial ties, and the usage of corporate communication.