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Marketing message strategy for B2B sales models

Marketing message should be short and easy to understand. But also, a message needs to be satisfying enough not to over-simplify your sales pitch.

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One of the first lessons I ever learned about B2B marketing was that you have to get your point across quickly, before your target customers lose interest. There’s a big problem with this, though. An effective marketing message is too complex to get across in just a few seconds or paragraphs. This is especially true when it comes to selling new technologies or sophisticated industrial products.

So what can you do? On one hand, you want to develop a clear marketing message, but on the other hand, you don’t want to over-simplify your B2B sales approach. This can be quite a puzzler.

Create a powerful marketing message

The phrase "messaging" in marketing relates to how a company communicates about itself and the value it delivers. B2B marketers use these assertions to create marketing materials such as advertisement slogans, promotional content, social media postings, press releases, and presentation scripts.


What is a marketing message?

By definition, a marketing message strategy refers to how a company communicates with its target audience in order to speak about it’s own and what it does. Additionally, a marketing message should include a positioning mission statement and several supporting points.

What is the mission statement?

Consider it your primary offer to your target market. It represents the most serious issue facing your target customers and how your products (good or services) can help to solve it. As I will explain in this post, using a comparison strategy is the best way to position your mission statement.

Message generation process converts the mission statement into the types of marketing messages that marketers may utilize to create a B2B marketing strategy. Consider press releases, advertising slogans, social media postings, scripts, and advertising text, among other things.

Additionally, an effective B2B marketing message including the mission statement ensures that all members of a company can communicate in the “language” of their target audience.

definition of marketing message

Marketing message and mission statement alignment

Is your marketing message consistent with your company’s mission and value proposition to customers? A company mission statement is an organizational declaration of the reason for the existence of the business. The finest statements clearly define an organization’s purpose and objectives.

Additionally, a company’s value proposition communicates succinctly why a buyer should choose your organization over competitors. The finest ones are founded on a mission and value proposition.

Consider a brief pause. Take a moment to consider your marketing message. Consistently ensure that it is consistent with your objective and the value you deliver to the marketplace.

core marketing message examples

Effective marketing message

An effective and successful marketing message should accomplish the following:

  • Communicate your key offering (aka positioning mission statement) to the market in an easily understandable and memorable manner.
  • It should strike a chord with your target B2B market and cause them to feel as though their issues are important.
  • Make it very apparent to your customers what problem you are solving, how you are unique, and what you stand for, etc.
  • Build up trust in your product (good or service), so that your target customers will not hesitate to purchase and also refer others.

Using comparison in the marketing message

The best tool I’ve found for creating a powerful marketing message when it comes to explaining complex ideas is to use a comparison. If you try to explain a new concept from scratch, you’re never going to be able to keep the audience’s attention.

With a good comparison, however, you are not starting from scratch. Rather, you are using your audience’s prior knowledge about something else to make a statement about your product or service. In essence, you are just taking what your customers know already, and then “tweaking” it a little bit to help make your point.

main types of B2B marketing

Two ways that you can use comparisons

1) Comparison and Contrast: This is probably the most common form of comparison used in marketing messages. You simply use people’s knowledge of some product and service and then show how yours is different and better. This allows you to focus your valuable “marketing message time” on the benefits and advantages of your offer.

For instance, if you were trying to market a new software program, you could say, “Our automation software works just like a desktop application, but allows you to edit, modify, and upload everything to the cloud as well. It’s the power of a cloud application with the ease of a desktop software!”

By phrasing your marketing message this way, you can do a lot of explanation in just a few words. You are also doing the one thing that we all desire — you are distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

advertisement examples

2) Analogy: Analogies are also very good for explaining complex subjects in your marketing message. In an analogy, you help people understand your idea by showing how it is similar to something else. This, of course, will only work if you use something that the audience is already familiar with — if you don’t, you’re only doubling their confusion!

An analogy that we’ve all heard is the one about fishing: “By providing information to you about your manufacturing operations, we are showing you how to fish rather than just giving you a fish”.

The reason we understand this is because we understand the difference (and advantage) of being able to provide for ourselves over a long period of time, rather than just having a one-time benefit. By using the analogy in the marketing messages, you don’t have to go into a tedious explanation of what you mean .

Tips to use for your marketing messages

These two forms of comparison may seem fairly obvious on the surface, but, like an iceberg, there’s a lot more substance below the surface. Just remember a few simple tips when using comparisons in your marketing messages:

  1. Use points of reference that are well known to the audience. This will make your explanations easier to understand. “Our system is organized in the same way as the 18th century Ottoman Empire” is probably not the best analogy to use.
  2. When using a comparison and contrast, express differences as being advantages. That is, don’t just show how your product or service is different; show how it is better.
  3. When using analogies, compare your product or service to something liked or respected by the target audience. Not only will this help you explain your marketing messages, it will also help create the right attitude towards them.
generating b2b marketing messages

This is just the starting point

Please realize that these guides for the marketing message are just a starting point. As with any persuasive strategy, you will have to study your own situation and target audience to figure out the best way to use comparisons in your marketing message.

Whatever the situation, however, you should remember that understanding the experiences, knowledge, and attitudes of your audience is always the first step in reaching them.

B2B advertisement and promotion strategy

Final remarks on creating a marketing message

As B2B marketing executives, it is becoming increasingly crucial to create your message with care. You must understand who your target B2B market is and their pain areas. After determining the specific firmographics you wish to target, you must demonstrate how your product (good or service) may benefit them.

Demonstrate empathy for the customer’s problem. Be succinct and direct. Inform your audience with an amusing explanation. Be unique and bring a grin to your audience’s face.
Take a lesson from the straightforward examples in this essay.

Create a great B2B marketing message immediately! Your efforts will be rewarded when you generate more sales leads.