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B2B companies tend to avoid the mistake of generalizing their marketing strategies. Since, this is definitely the right attitude. However, customizing marketing materials to meet the unique demands of each prospective customer may be expensive, exhausting and time consuming. This is where LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies come into play.

LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B companies. This is an undeniable fact. LinkedIn gives you the ability to link with highly targeted customers based on geographic area, current or previous employer, job title, industry, and interest. And probably most importantly, it enables you to conduct research on these individuals and businesses before contacting them.

How effective is LinkedIn for B2B marketing?

LinkedIn is the most effective platform for B2B marketing, without a doubt! With over 200 million active members in the United States alone, LinkedIn is unquestionably one of the top platforms for identifying highly qualified prospects, as well as successfully communicating with and converting them to loyal customers.

If we need to look at the issue from the buyer’s side, the importance of this platform increases even more. Today, 90% of buyer companies use LinkedIn to identify and investigate companies they will buy from. That’s the reason why B2B suppliers use LinkedIn profiles and company pages as a trust indicator.

Do LinkedIn marketing strategies work for B2B?

Definitely yes! With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading and the number of remote employees increasing, it is more critical than ever to engage with prospective and existing customers online. As a matter of fact, some organizations want to conduct their business entirely digital.

On the other hand, there is an interesting truth. While 90% of decision makers never respond to a cold call or email, 70% of these same people admit to have utilized social media as a factor in their decision making. Social media has grown a lot more business-oriented in recent years, and it’s evident which medium decision makers prefer to use; our dear LinkedIn!

With that in mind, it’s critical to understand the function of B2B LinkedIn marketing strategies before expecting to be linked to a huge network of valuable prospects. Users that publish at least once a week, connect with other users, and comment on other users’ posts can significantly increase profile exposure. Assembling a detailed profile and selecting a professional profile photo are critical components of establishing trust on LinkedIn. And, trust is an important asset of successful LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies.

Why is LinkedIn the best for B2B?

When you have a strategy for LinkedIn B2B marketing, you gain the leverage of business context ( B2B content marketing strategy). Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where users want to see lovely cat pictures or to learn what that strange college roommate is doing now, LinkedIn members aim to improve their professional careers.

Once you advertise on LinkedIn, your advertisements display in a news feed that includes industry insights, professional advice, career training and suggestions. Your industry related promotion post fits in perfectly with its regarding people. In this case, your LinkedIn ad is likely to be more effective than your Facebook or Instagram campaign.

When your ad is displayed on LinkedIn, it is displayed to people who are interested in improving their business or theirselves. However when it is shared on Facebook, it is in front of someone who is looking for cute kitten photographs. This may be the same person, but consider when you’re most likely to fill out a submission form to read a white paper or case study. When you are in a state of relaxation? Or while you’re in business mode? In LinkedIn, people are in business mode.

Remember 4 Ps of Marketing. As critical as the Product, Price, and Promotion of your campaign is the Place where it is shown and the initial point of contact with your prospective customer. That is why LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies are so effective. On LinkedIn, the initial or ongoing contact occurs in an environment where your prospect is already in a business mentality.

What makes LinkedIn the best platform for the B2B industry?

B2B sales and marketing people may use LinkedIn to discover their next business partner, showcase their company and products to prospective customers by their LinkedIn company pages. Want to increase your brand awareness for decision makers? There are more than 50 million on LinkedIn. You only need to use LinkedIn’s search features. Do you need to present your business and make an impression on someone in the C-Suite? Additionally, there are over 10 million C-level executives on this platform. From entry-level workers to influencers to seasoned decision-makers, LinkedIn has everyone you could ever want to reach.

LinkedIn is a significant channel in our B2B marketing strategy for this reason. Following the marketing planning phase, in which you define your objectives, audience, and unique selling proposition, comes the engagement phase. The objective of this second phase is to engage with prospects on LinkedIn. You know why? Because LinkedIn is the most important online platform for buyers to spend time in the B2B market.