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The key to sales success: Effective relationships

Achieving sustainable sales success in the B2B business world depends on the effective and productive relationships you establish with your customers.

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The bottom line of sales success is understanding that success depends upon building and maintaining the right kinds of relationships with prospective customers. This includes being trusted, but it is by no means limited to that. There’s no place in the winner’s circle for salespeople who can’t develop trust with others. Yet, I’ve all met many salespeople who were thoroughly trustworthy but still couldn’t sell ice water in a desert.

Customers are your path to success
There is no such thing as a naturally talented salesperson. While great sales representatives make it appear effortless, superior performance typically implies that the salesperson has spent time honing their talents and is continually iterating to better assist their prospects.

More value means more sales success

The ancient Greeks gave us a word that gets at the nature of what I’m talking about. The term is symbiosis, and it means “living together in a mutually beneficial relationship” – a relationship that provides enough benefits for all of the partners to view it as valuable. It’s what people labelled a “win-win situation.”

In terms of sales success, it means always making sure that customers get enough value to more than justify what they invest in your products or services. So, in conclusion, if you want to increase your customer impact for sales success, you need to focus on the following three key points.

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Keys to success in sales

1. What kind of person you are

The impact grows from how you feel about yourself, others, and how you think about what you are doing. To get a feeling about the level of your customer impact, you’ll need to look at an essential question; What is there about me that would make people want to buy from me? Is it expertise? Positioning? Enthusiasm? Knowledge? Follow through?

Whatever it is, learn to concentrate on it and maximize its impact on others. First, identify it and then use it to achieve sustainable sales success.

2. What you know

Your most valuable selling tool is not your mouth –as most salespeople seem to believe– but your brain. Significant customer impact grows out of what you know about your products, market, and business. It also has to do with applying what you know to get people to do what’s in your mutual best interests.

However, your knowledge needs to be tempered with a deep understanding of applying what you know. Complex, confusing explanations about your products -goods or services- can be both tedious and perplexing to prospects or customers. So, be careful about how you explain what you know.

3. What you do

Of course, nothing works unless you do. But there’s more to it than that. Unfortunately, some of the most hard-working salespeople in the world are also some of the least successful. Successful sales techniques involve doing the right things at the right time and in the right way to obtain the desired response. This is the formula that results in sales success.

Don’t say or do anything in the sales presentation that doesn’t add value to the presentation. Don’t talk just to talk. Actually, listen to the customer to do the right things!

Know yourself

You must first develop a passion for the sales profession and then dedicate to become an expert at it.

Know what you know

Decide to invest your entire heart and soul in your achievement and the accomplishment of your sales career objective.

Know what to do

Establish it as an objective for your sales career and thereafter estimate the price you will pay to gain that success.

Customer impact is essential for sales success

The key to sales success is to have effective customer impact —to be able to influence enough of the right people to do the right thing, at the right time, to get whatever you want out of business life. This is perhaps more important than all sales tips and techniques. But, that can only happen when you put yourself in the prospective customer’s shoes and understand that:

  • People only pay attention to those they believe have something important to say to them.
  • People buy for their reasons, not for yours or mine.
  • People don’t want to be sold – they want to buy.
  • Buying is basically an emotional response.
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Understanding customer needs brings sales success

The best way to boost your customer impact for sales success is to cultivate empathy for the customers and understand their needs, interests, and desires. So, to help you do this, let’s take a look at five tips that can help you sell better to achieve sales success.

  1. Practice in-depth, deliberate pre-call planning.
  2. Understand the power of effective questioning to identify better and pinpoint precisely how to present your solution.
  3. Look at your product or service as a way to solve a problem, fill a need or alleviate a circumstance. Stop looking at it as a feature-laden commodity!
  4. Understand the power of presenting the correct solution instead of bells and whistles loaded sales presentations.
  5. Capture the enthusiasm, pain, despair, or unfulfilled emotional void that you detect your customer or prospect has and allow them to ride your solution to fulfil. Then, eliminate or expand that emotion.
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How to build customer relationships to reach sales success?

Most sales and marketing professionals understand that it can be much easier to reach ultimate sales success through existing client relationships than acquiring new customers.

Therefore, you don’t need magical sales success quotes to reach your targets. Instead, just seek out opportunities to build loyalty among your existing customers.

Sales success begins by building a foundation of confidence

  • Provide outstanding service – under-promise and over-deliver through every phase of the order or project, including estimating, approvals, production, delivery and billing.
  • Show concern for their satisfaction after you’ve delivered. Find out how it’s going and what customers liked or didn’t like. Were there any surprises?
  • Did you meet the objective? Showcase your contribution to their growth.
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Take the relationship to the next level by continually adding value

  • Value is a journey – not a destination. There will always be new opportunities to add value – if you make it a practice to look for them. Remember that every win builds confidence, but memory fades quickly.
  • Be proactive and provide ideas to help your customers grow their business.
  • Continually dig and listen to identify and understand their needs and uncover new sales opportunities.
  • Apply what you’ve learned on previous projects and find ways to increase your sales success possibility.
  • Keep your eyes open for news that affects them. Read the trade publications and business journals. Forward articles of interest that point to a new business opportunity or threat. Always include the implication and a solution.

Know your customer’s business

  • Understand your client’s job and find ways to make it easier and more pleasant.
  • The more you understand their business and their job, the more opportunities you will add value.
  • Are processing invoices eating up much of their valuable time? Perhaps there is additional information you could show on the invoices, or you could submit them in a different format or on another day of the month.
  • If you’re handling multiple projects, don’t bombard them with separate emails regarding each project. Instead, summarize weekly (or daily if needed) to show the status and next steps required.
  • Are they getting in trouble with their receiving department because they can’t figure out where deliveries should go? Doing something as simple as adding PO numbers to the attention line in your shipping labels versus just the packing lists can make a big difference.
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Help them overcome a problem

  • Roll up your sleeves, be a part of their team and fix things. Do you want sales success? Then own the situation – even if you didn’t create it.
  • Build a personal relationship. Learn what motivates your client. Do they want to get promoted? Or do they want social recognition? Is their number-one goal to cut costs, or do they want to drive revenue? Your ticket to sales success is helping them achieve their goals.
  • Become their friend. Know what they love and show genuine interest. Knowing small details about their life allows you to build a personal relationship. Remember that all things being equal, people prefer to buy from people they like.
  • Resist the temptation to let technology replace the human touch. Instead, make time for personal meetings and conversations. Today, it’s much too easy to rely on email and text messaging to communicate. It diminishes opportunities to develop the personal relationship that’s crucial for learning and discovering more opportunities to build loyalty and gain sustainable sales success.
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Final words on sustainable sales success

There is little doubt that sales is a science. There is also little doubt that it requires an in-depth ability to emotionally engage yourself, your product or service, and your prospect. But, like lots of things, this is far easier said than done. The golden key to sales success is striving harder to understand the customers and provide effective solutions to their needs. Capture this secret, and your sales career will soar.