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Finding new prospects in terms of business development may occasionally be a difficult task for a small business owner who is already wearing numerous hats. My preferred method is to advertise creatively to existing customers since it is less expensive and because you have previously sold to them once, they are almost certain to buy again with the proper offer and timing. However, for company owners who are just starting out and have few to no clients, or for those who are just seeking for strategies to increase sales, consider the following:

1. Contribute to prominent blogs in your niche by writing guest posts

Contribute a guest article to sites that cater to your target demographic. Ascertain that the content is pertinent and well-written for the target audience. DISCLAIMER: DO NOT INCLUDE A SALE IN YOUR BLOG POST. Rather than that, concentrate on an issue that your product or service addresses and outline your solutions for resolving it in your post.

Consider responding to one of your clients’ most often requested questions. Avoid giving out excessive amounts of free material; as a general rule, the more knowledge you offer, the more your target audience will want to employ you as a result of their perception of you as a top authority in your sector. Include a brief bio with links to your website, small business blog, and/or other social media profiles in your post.

2. Utilize social media to attract groups to your business

On Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, for example, provide an unique deal to entice visitors to visit your shop (either brick and mortar or online). Utilize offers that have a strong call to action, such as ‘Today, only our Twitter followers will receive a 35% discount at our online store.’ Utilize enticing calls to action that will not be ignored and are likely to be shared, retweeted, or pinned for further visibility.

3. Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly

With an increasing number of people accessing the internet via smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, it is critical for your small company to be visible on these devices. If you are unsure whether or not your website is optimized for mobile devices, the likelihood is that it is not.

However, the beautiful thing about it is that you are not need to guess; simply browse your website from your own mobile device and see what happens. If it loads incredibly slowly or not at all, it’s time to contact a mobile marketing expert. If potential clients in your region come across your website but it is not optimized for mobile, you will lose them to your rivals who are.

4. Maintain contact with newly acquired leads

Take out the business cards you received at a recent networking event and follow up with them. Arrange to meet them for breakfast or lunch to learn more about them and their business requirements. If they are not prepared to purchase, inquire as to whether they know of somebody who might be. By doing so, you’re preparing yourself for a luke-warm lead (well, it’s better than a frigid one! ), or perhaps a really warm lead, depending on their relationship with the referrer.

Additionally, give them with leads to individuals or businesses who may benefit from their services. Following your meeting with them, make sure to follow up as planned but also add a personal touch by sending them a handwritten thank you card with an excerpt from a valuable article relevant to their sector.

5. Ensure that delinquent customers are followed up with

Do you have one or two customers that are delinquent in their payments to you? They are being sued! (I’m joking; in the majority of cases, this will wind up costing you more). Customers who have fallen behind on payments should be contacted to see whether they are able to make a payment or possibly eliminate the debt entirely.

6. Use a review site to promote your products

Promote specials and special offers by utilizing online review sites like Yelp, Google+ Local, or Citysearch. Oftentimes, when a potential consumer conducts a search for companies in their neighborhood, review sites appear first.

By including an unique offer or coupon with your free business listing, you ensure that your listing will stand out from the crowd and that you will have a high probability of that individual becoming a new client. Correct, you’ve claimed your complimentary local business listing.

7. Engage the services of an entrepreneurial coach

“When times become rough, the tough get moving with the assistance of a business coach.”

This is a personal quotation for me since this technique is quite beneficial.

I have an excellent business coach whom I met by coincidence, long before I felt the need for one existed. A business coach is not going to perform your selling for you or even dump leads on you; nevertheless, a competent business coach can be objective about your business and give ideas, advice, and methods to help you generate more B2B sales.

Additionally, they are excellent at assisting you in maintaining an extraordinarily high level of morale, drive, and attention, almost as if you had a best friend who is an expert in business! Every great team or firm has someone to guide them through the process, therefore if you want to grow your small business, follow the great’s lead. Having a business coach can help you raise your revenue and improve your mental health.

It does not have to be tough to generate revenue. Determine what and where your target audience spends their time, and then promote to them in ways that appeal to them. This is an efficient way of business development for small business owners!