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B2B sales and marketing systems have come a long way since the industrial revolution. In former times, buyers were uninformed about industrial procurement. Procurement units did not have the rich information resources they have today. They could not have searched Google to find alternative options or accessed their websites to get detailed information about supplier companies. Those were the days of having meetings in person by going door-to-door when salespeople carried catalogs in their bags. Customer companies needed all kinds of information retrieved from sales professionals because they had limited information resources. The information given by the salespeople who came to their visits or telephoned them was enough for them to decide. Thus, any buyer company’s supplier portfolio comprised the vendors that reached them.

Although some traditional methods are still valid, we should accept that time has changed. In the digital age, access to information has become simple. Customers can learn almost everything about you and your company before entering the door. They can do a pre-evaluation with the information they get from your website. Buyers can search for everything related to your products on Google. Purchasing officers may even check your LinkedIn profile and review your education and experience. Nothing is hidden anymore.

Best regards to the old-time salesmen. But times have changed now.

Customer expectations have changed over time. With this change’s impact, industrial sales and customer management’s traditional applications turned into innovative methods. If you don’t meet customer’s expectations, it takes only a few minutes for them to find alternative products and suppliers from Google. Customers now prefer to conduct their own research to compare your products, find alternative solutions, and keep up with new technologies. Only companies with competitive features and value-added products can provide the highest customer satisfaction level.

Face-to-face promotional meetings, endless road trips, and traditional offline marketing tactics have changed over time, giving way to digital or hybrid alternatives. The only way to succeed in this new era’s industrial sales business lies in striking the perfect balance between digital and traditional methods. Taking a holistic approach allows the supplier company to benefit from conventional and digital B2B sales methods.

An industrial sales expert can work everywhere, no matter suitable or not.

Story of Zuzu Bik

With technological developments, technical sales in industrial markets have become challenging. Industrial sales professionals who want to be successful have to develop the most efficient sales system by blending traditional sales methods with technological tools. A properly designed and effective sales system ensures that an industrial sales expert is always ahead of competitors in the game.

I started my sales career in the industrial market at the end of the 90s. The digital revolution had barely begun, and the sales business was operating with ancient methods in those years. Search engines and company websites were not yet widespread. It was a privilege to have an email address. The globe and the industrial markets have transformed over the last three decades.

Unfortunately, limited resources are available to people who want to improve their industrial sales techniques. Almost all sales or marketing resources provide information about either digital marketing or consumer markets (B2C). However, the industrial B2B sales business has a unique structure. We need to handle it from a unique perspective, both in planning and application.

This is not an easy profession. Always be prepared!

I have made this website to help those who want to pursue a career in industrial sales. Whether you are an experienced technical sales expert or a newbie, zuzubik.com definitely will help you. This website comprises my knowledge and experience in industrial sales and marketing strategies. I have compiled and explained the most effective methods based on multiple approaches. Those industrial sales and marketing methods will provide you with significant benefits in this challenging journey.

Who am I?

  • Zuzu Bik is my nickname. I’m currently working as a senior sales and marketing manager for an international company. Therefore, I cannot explain my actual name; I’m sorry—company rules.
  • I have an energy-related engineering degree from one of the world’s leading technical universities.
  • I’m over forty years old, married, and have a son.
  • I started my first sales organization at age eleven by selling pencils I bought from the marketplace to rich kids in my school. It was such a good time.
  • After university, I worked as a responsible engineer in industrial facilities for a while. I planned to learn the operation of industrial companies. I have learned.
  • During facility engineering times, I led the start-up of two individual industrial supply companies. I have nothing to do with them now, but they are still operational and doing fine.
  • After leaving facilities, I moved to a different city to work for the exclusive distributor of one of the world’s largest mining companies.
  • After four years in that company, I worked at different levels in several companies operating in various industries.
  • I have worked as a sales engineer, product supervisor, sales & marketing executive, and finally as director of sales and marketing.
  • I have sold nothing other than industrial products such as goods, services, and solutions.
  • Throughout my business life, I have trained many industrial sales professionals. This has been the part of my job that I have enjoyed the most.
  • Besides my vocational training provided, I have generated many learning contents published within the companies I worked as an executive.